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Tramadol is one of the powerful opioid analgesics called narcotic analgesics. It also has an anti-carcass effect. It is a synthetic drug. It works by connecting to opioid receptors μ, d and k receptors in the body and stimulating them. It also affects the conduction of pain in the spinal cord by increasing the concentration of certain neurotransmitters (serotonin, norepinephrine) in synapses. When administered orally, it works approximately 5 times less well than oral morphine; approximately 10 times less well than morphine administered in the oeoil.

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Indications for the use of tramadol are acute and chronic post-traumatic, postoperative and pain in cancer; is an opioid analgetic used at the second level of the so-called WHO ladder to treat moderate to severe pain. Tramadol is also used in the pharmacological preparation of the patient before surgery (premedication), in obstetrics and in the fight against coronary pain. In terminally ill people, it is used to treat acute and chronic pain, also with a neuropathic component.

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Tramadol is given orally, rectally and by injection. When taken orally and rectally well absorbed, approximately 75% is excreted in the blood. The analgesic effect begins 15-30 minutes after administration and usually lasts 3-4 h, while the effect of prolonged release tablets persists for 6-8 h. Tramadol penetrates well through the placenta into the fetal blood, while in a small percentage it is secreted with female food. Metabolism occurs in the liver. One of the metabolites is active and has an affinity for receptors μ and pot strength greater than the parent compound. Excretion occurs mainly through the kidneys, in a smaller percentage with feces.

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The use of tramadol 50mg and its dosage can only be decided by the doctor. There is a risk of addiction, but it is lower than with morphine. Tramadol may severely impair psychomotor performance and should therefore not be used while using it or when using machinery.

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How to Keep Pain Away ?

What is Migraine ?

Migraine is a chronic disease, characterized by the occurrence of paroxysal, severe headaches, accompanied by other symptoms. It requires careful diagnosis, as not every headache is migraine. This term applies only to those ailments that can be considered so-called primary headaches. This means that their occurrence is not the result of another disease.

Migraine, by many patients, is equated with a headache, as this is its most famous symptom. It should be remembered that this disease is more complex, so accurate medical diagnosis is needed.

Migraine with aura – is characterized by the occurrence of paroxysal headaches and other accompanying symptoms. Migraine attacks are characterized by a sequence of repeated symptoms: teasers, aura, headache.

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As soon as the attack arises, you can use a pain reliever and a pill (suppository) against nausea and vomiting. Stop doing what you’re doing, because otherwise migraine can only get worse. If pain relievers (self-care) do not help, you may be prescribed a special remedy in consultation with your doctor.

What is the common therapy for migraine ?

The stimuli of light and sound are intolerable. Therefore, make the circumstances as comfortable as possible. Rest, sleep as much as possible, ensure a cool, dark environment and good ventilation. Do not smoke or consume alcohol.