How we process your order

To help you better understand the ordering process in TramadolGuru.Com, we have described the full timeline. We pride ourselves on reducing the entire process to just 6 easy steps. Learn exactly what you’re paying for and how it’s presented.

Day 1 – We will receive your order immediately with your personal data and description of the product you have chosen. After a few hours, our customer service representative will contact you to verify the details you provided. If verification is successful, the transaction is processed immediately.
Day 2 – Once the transaction is approved, we will transfer your order to the shipping department. Next, I would check if the quality and availability of the warehouse are always at a positive stage with us.
Day 3 – The quality of your product will be checked and packaged in a discrete package ready to be shipped.
Day 4: Your tracking number is generated and the product would have already been shipped. You will be notified of it by phone and email.
Day 6: The tracking number is activated and you can check your order details on the Track n’ Trace website.
Day 7 to day 21: your package will be delivered to the nearest warehouse, shipped by our delivery agent and delivered to your door.

Anyway, we’d need up to 1 week of slack, in case of complications. More than 99% of our orders, up to 9900 + 10000 orders, are delivered in 21 days. However, delivering Tramadol within 21 to 28 days is our safe bet.

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